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Wavelancer is a social platform where independent artists and labels share their music during the creative process. Fans from all around the world can explore music from each country in seconds, no algorithm.

Being artists ourselves, one of our core beliefs is that everyone should have the same opportunities in order to become successful. If someone has the creative gift and wants to share their original content, it should be visible to the entire world instantly through a very simple process.

There are many talented artists and musicians that go through life hidden in the obscure with a limited fanbase, that could do much more if given the opportunity and place to have a sustainable career. At the same time there are major artists who release songs and have no idea who their real fans are, the ones who pay for their songs, go to their concerts and truly relate to the music they make. A human connection in the digital age is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain, especially within the music industry.

We believe creating music is a very personal experience that should be shared from the very first notes. Behind every song there's a story that needs to be told, to be shared, thus with each new entry the artist can create a deeper connection with his fans and bring a human touch into a digital waveform.

With more than 20 years of cumulative experience between us on the inside of the music industry, working closely with many of its branches, it's only natural that we begin our journey with this area of creative content.

Founding story

Wavelancer was founded in February 2015 by a group of music producers who at first wanted to test songs before they were released. It was obvious that simply testing a song wasn't going to be enough to make a big impact to every artist, be it independent, young and aspiring or signed to a major label. While attending an accelerator for startups, they met Cezar Rujan and after the final pitch he joined the team prepared to better the music industry.

After a summer of research in October a plan was formed that included 4 main issues that needed to be solved: discovery, testing, story and sustainable revenue.

In late 2015, Wavelancer’s CTO Elvis Adomnica started working on the the website and backend, at the same time CEO Dan Deaconu began the iOS app development. At this point Dan was programming for about 2 months, but with a lot of ambition and guidance from Elvis, the app came to life pretty fast.

In the summer of 2016 a number of artists were invited to participate in a closed Alpha, early reactions ranging from "wow", "I can't wait for this to be public", "very useful" to "loving it". The best suggestions were tuned and integrated as new features. Anyone using this platform to share and create beautiful music can receive the needed support in achieving a successful career, all while fans enjoy and take part of the story of how it came to life.

After the Closed Alpha was launched, they were accepted at the 2016 Webb Summit Alpha to exhibit for one day with Beta set to release just before the summit.

Wavelancer is focused on looking at music from a different perspective connecting artists and fans together in the digital world for the evolution of music creation, uniting their experience.

Wavelancer’s Awesome Team

Deaconu Dan Andrei
Chief Executive Officer
Deaconu Dan Andrei is the Founder and CEO of Wavelancer. He currently serves as the compass for the team, bringing to the table his 9 years as a music producer with over a dozen productions topping charts in Romania. His background in creative arts such as drawing, photography, design and film combined with the music industry experience accumulated over the years paved the way for a different approach when tackling Wavelancer’s mission and overall vision with high attention to details. A firm believer in meritocracy and risk taking, he leads the team to new heights as a company and in their personal development.
Elvis Eduard Adomnica
Chief Technology Officer
Elvis Adomnica is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer being responsible for turning ideas into code and infrastructure. Before joining Wavelancer, he has been working for over 7 years in several IT industries in Romania, Denmark and New Zealand. Elvis has been lecturing for a year at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand. His combined industry and academia experience provides him with the skillset necessary for leading the technical team. When he doesn’t code, Elvis is volunteering for Foreningen Retro in downtown Copenhagen.
Cezar Rujan
Chief Innovation Officer / Chief Financial Officer
Cezar is a passionate entrepreneur with a high interest in digital business models. Having a background in finance and sustainability he served both Fortune 500 companies and aspiring organizations by delivering innovative business and technical solutions. He is working on how Wavelancer innovates as a product and how it interacts with the financial models of the stakeholders. He also absolutely loves music!
Daniel Costache
Chief Operations Officer / Media Director
Over the last 11 years Daniel Costache has been active as a full time music composer/producer. Being detail-oriented by nature, combining creativity with well-thought solutions and strong technical experience he contributed to the creation of Wavelancer. He currently acts as both Operations Officer and Media Director, working with ideas towards their best shape and outcome, making sure the vision of the company is achieved.
Silviu-Vlad Pirvu
Designer and dedicated futurologist, Silviu is supporting the team as a consultant with a combined knowledge of graphic design, strategic brand development and spatial analysis for market research and dynamic analytics. His fascination in smart cities, AI and frontier research catalyzed numerous initiatives in multidisciplinary projects, in order to innovate the businesses of tomorrow through collective knowledge and good design. Silviu has a Master of Urban Management for Competitive Cities and a Bachelor of Urban Planning and Design from University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu"